What we do

Bespoke Software Development

When an "off the shelf" solution just won't do

Many companies struggle for weeks or even months to integrate an off the shelf product into their workflow. Even after all of the effort and expense, it still often doesn't quite meet their needs. Bespoke systems can be developed around your business and industry, allowing you to ask the all important question "Could you just make it do that..?"


Website Design

Give your business the professional online presence it deserves

A poorly designed website can drive away potential customers and harm the image of your company. It is important to make sure your site looks right, reads right and works right. Those are the three Rs we consider to be key. Whether you just need a single information page or a sophisticated online store, we can work with you to develop a quality website within your budget.


Web Audio/Video

Engage your customers with online multimedia content

Online broadcasting is one of our speciality areas. We have years of experience in producing and delivering audio on the internet. Grab the attention of your customers with engaging audio and video content. We can assist with scripting, production and deployment.


Telephone Systems

Sometimes all your customers need is a friendly voice

We can offer a variety of telephony solutions, from simple automated information lines to complex interactive booking systems. Our iQ product is a "cloud based" system allowing small radio stations to take calls on-air.

Got a question for us?

We don't bite, honest! We would be delighted to discuss your needs and offer advice.