Case studies

North Highland Radio, Alness

Complete Website, Station Management System

ABC Radio (now North Highland Radio) came to Vultaggio for a complete website re-development. We worked closely with them to develop a feature rich site which could be updated by their staff with ease.

Based around our in-house Nucleus system, the station's own staff are able to manage the schedule and content on the site.

We implemented a new Photo Gallery and a Site Feed feature, merging content from various areas of the site to enhance the visitor experience.

Weather data and local news are both imported in real-time from external providers, fully integrated into the website rather than being 'drop-in' widgets as often seen.



Flubitron Membership System

We created the front-end registration forms and reporting tools for the Flubitron membership scheme. We worked closely with the team at Flubit to deliver a modern, user-friendly experience.

Upon completing registration, users were actively encouraged, via a personalised Flash video, to post to Facebook or Twitter. Utilising a Facebook 'app' the process was simplified for the user and allowed Flubit control over what was posted to their wall.

The live statistics and reporting tools allowed the Flubit team to closely track daily progress and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


106.8 TCR fm

Community Radio Station, Tamworth, Staffordshire

For the community radio station TCR fm we created a fully tailored website. It offers information about the presenters and schedule along with local news, traffic and weather which is integrated from external sources.

Internally, TCR fm make use of a bespoke audio logging system called Logger and a specialised time synchronisation application called PowerSync. Our broadcast telephone system, iQ, is also used by the station.

In the first quarter of 2011, TCR fm became the first user of our Nucleus system, allowing management of the station and website from a central, secure location.

We also developed an API, allowing their mobile app developer to extract information from the site in the most efficient way.


Reach OnAir

Online Radio Station

For UK based internet station Reach OnAir, we have developed bespoke software. Reach Reminder is a small application allowing listeners to keep track of their favourite shows and presenters. We have recently been appointed to develop a new version of their desktop audio player.

Reach also use our PowerSync time sync software.


Dean and Sheena On-Air

Radio Show

For our Monday night FM/online radio show, we created a website to help us connect with our audience. We also manage social media feeds and have created tools to assist with the posting process.


Weekend Live

Website, on-demand audio, playout

For this internet based talkshow "Weekend Live" we created a simple but effective website. Listeners were able to catch up with segments they may have missed through an embedded player. The website also utilised Twitter integration.

In the studio, a bespoke playout system WLPlayout was utilised. The software was optimised for a talkshow environment and offered smart networking features, allowing affiliate stations to carry different advertisements and branding throughout.


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